Pakistan cohort

A cohort of 15 Afghan refugees comprise the GERE Refugee Researcher team in Pakistan. 

Abdullah Ahmadzai
Abdullah is a Youth Researcher in Peshawar, Pakistan. Originally from Afghanistan, he has been a refugee in Pakistan since 1984. Abdullah studied BBA & MS Management Sciences Finance at the Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar and graduated in 2019. Today, Abdullah is working as Finance Manager at Noor Institute of English & Computer. He is also working with a community services NGO called IMVoulteer in which he participates in doing volunteer services such as blood donation and food distribution.  He is interested in learning and delivering knowledge to his unprivileged members of community. He also enjoys meeting his friends and discovering new places! Abdullah is excited to develop his research skills through the project and working with the other Youth Researchers. He wants to be a researcher in the future.
Khatira Ahmadzai
Khatira is a Youth Researcher in the Peshawar district of Pakistan, Originally from Afghanistan, she has been a refugee in Pakistan for the last 21 years. Khatira studied Computer Science in the University of Management Sciences Pakistan and graduated in 2019. Today, Khatira is teaching Computer subject in the local Secondary school of girls in Pakistan. She is passionate about advocating for every girl’s rights to education. Khatira, being refugee herself, was always passionate to be voice of refugees, especially girls and being the Youth Researcher in this project is a wonderful opportunity to be heard by a mass audience.  
Zainab Bibi
Zainab Bibi is a Youth Researcher in Peshawar district of Pakistan. Originally from Kunar province in Afghanistan, Zainab has been a refugee in Pakistan since 1996. Zainab studied Bachelor of Dentistry at the Khyber Medical University and graduated in 2019. Today, Zainab is working with youth in her community and works as a lecturer. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with medical students and wants to motivate girls, especially Afghan refugees, to make them realize that they can do anything in life. Zainab is excited to develop her research skills through the project and working with other Youth Researchers.
Umer Farooq
Umer Farooq is a Youth Researcher in the Kohat district of Pakistan. Originally from Paktia Province, Afghanistan, he has been a refugee in Pakistan since 1996. Umer has completed his MS from the Department of Business & Management Sciences, The Superior University Lahore, Pakistan, with a major in Construction & Engineering Management. Umer has a diverse experience of more than eight years in the education sector. Currently he is working as a Head of Department (HOD) in the Department of Civil Engineering, Unique Institute of Technology Kohat. He is involved in research and has published more than three research papers on different topics in well reputed journals. His main research focuses on green concrete, construction management, project management and sustainable construction practices. He has acquired five civil engineering international certificates from Columbia University New York and he has also performed duties with EU-TUSDEC, NAVTTC and SRSP Organizations as a senior instructor. He is very active in student organisations, with leadership roles including President of the Afghan Refugee Community in the Kohat region. He is eager to hone his research techniques through the undertaking and collaboration with the other Young Researchers. In the future, he plans to work as a researcher.
Israr Ullah Hajat
Israr Ullah is a Youth Researcher in Peshawar district of KPK, Pakistan. Israr is 23 years old and from Afghanistan. He has been a refugee since his birth. He is pursuing Bachelors of Sciences in International Relations from the University of Peshawar and is a DAFI scholar. He worked with the International Relations Students Association (IRSA). He has been a youth activist helping refugees in getting admissions and solving their issues regarding education. He has worked as a volunteer in many social events. He is an active blood donor to Fatmid Foundation. He teaches refugee children who are working on campus to feed their families.
Rahim Jan
Rahim is a Pakistani-born refugee, from Paktia Afghanistan, and a youth researcher in Peshawar, Pakistan. He did an MS in International Relations at the University of Peshawar and is currently studying for a PhD in International Relations  at Qurtuba University. He also did a Diploma in Information Technology. He has been engaged with social activities for a very long time as the appointed refugees students president for three years. Rahim also worked at the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations and is a permanent representative of Afghan refugee youth from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He also works with DAFI and the Islamic Help NGO as a Deputy Coordinator. He has written his MS research on the issue of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan, he has participated in different national and international conferences regarding refugees, and he is a Global Refugees Forum member as well.
Khalid Khan
Khalid is a Youth Researcher in the Peshawar district of Pakistan. Originally from Nangarahar Afghanistan, he was born in Pakistan as a refugee and has lived in Pakistan for 24 years. He is currently studying MBA Finance at the Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, having previously earned his bachelor degree (BBA) from the same institute. Khalid wants to become an Audit Officer in the future. Khalid is excited to improve his research skills through this project and he considers this project a great opportunity for him to learn more about himself.
Khalil Khan
Khalil Karimi is a refugee Youth Researcher from Afghanistan, at Peshawar district of KPK, Pakistan. He has been a refugee since birth. In his career, Khalil has been President of the Afghan Student Union KPK, a volunteer with Sharp and SACH IPS with UNHCR and the Afghan Commissionerate. He has also worked with the Afghan Refugee attaché and is community mobilizer at refugee camps. Khalil studied BS in Telecommunication Systems, BA and MA in Political sciences. He is passionate to work as a researcher so that he can help refugee youth.
Sheer Khan
Sheer Khan is a youth researcher in Peshawar, Pakistan. Originally from Afghanistan, he was born and raised in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Sheer Khan earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2018, and is currently pursuing an MSc in International Business at the University of Chester, England. Parallel to his academic journey, he has been actively involved in volunteer work with UNHCR and its associated bodies, serving his community. He has been an active voice for Youth Refugee students as a youth researcher, investigating the impacts of post-primary education on refugee students.
Zohal Nasimi
Zohal Nasimi is an Afghan refugee living in Peshawar Pakistan. Zohal faced challenges gaining admission to government colleges due to her refugee status, but she overcame these challenges and financial hardship and now has a bachelor degree in statistics and is working in the Afghan embassy. Zohal wants to be a role model for refugee girls and to tell them the importance of education; that instead of facing so many hardships we should not quit our studies and quitting should never be an option. She also joined UNHCR and is working with Jigsaw to help the refugees to be able to complete their education.
Asma Rabi
Asma is a Youth Researcher in Pakistan. Originally from Afghanistan, she was born a refugee in Pakistan. She has a Bachelor degree in Media Studies and Mass Communication from Iqra National University. She often works with Afghan refugees in Pakistan and also has a work history on Women’s Rights and Child Protection. As part of her work as a Youth Researcher on the “Voices of Refugee Youth” project, she is currently pursuing her masters degree in Development Studies.  She is also TRSN (Tertiary Refugee Student Network) leader for Asia.
Hina Shikhani
Originally from Afghanistan, Hina Shikhani was born a refugee. She is studying Business Administration at the University of Peshawar Pakistan on a DAFI scholarship. Hina conducts sessions to raise awareness on the importance of education, particularly girls’ education.  In 2019, Hina took her advocacy to the global level by attending “The other 1%” conference on higher education for refugees in Berlin and the first ever “Global Refugee Forum” in Geneva. Today, she is leading the Asia Pacific region of the newly established Tertiary Refugee Student Network – aiming to increase 3% of refugees’ enrolment into higher education up to 15% by 2030.
Noor Ullah
Noor Ullah began as a Youth Researcher in Pakistan, and is now a Research Assistant at Jigsaw. He holds a Master's degree in Data Science from the Institute of Management Science in Pakistan. His journey as an Afghan Refugee, born and raised in Pakistan, has shaped his commitment to education and support for fellow refugees. He actively engaged in raising the voices of Afghan refugees as a Youth Researcher, investing two years in designing, conducting surveys and interviews to shed light on their experiences.
Abdul Musawer Zahedi
Abdul Musawer is a 26-year-old Youth Researcher from Afghanistan. Despite being a refugee since birth, first in Peshawar district of KPK, Pakistan, and now in London, UK, he has showcased remarkable determination. He completed his undergraduate studies at Iqra National University in Peshawar and has acquired nine information security certifications, along with twelve other international certifications from prestigious institutions like Microsoft, CISCO, SIX SIGMA, IBM, and Alibaba. Currently, Musawer is advancing his education by pursuing a master's degree in Computer Forensics and Cybersecurity in London. He remains passionate about assisting fellow refugees and enjoys playing basketball in his free time.
Rozina Zazai
Rozina Zazai is a Youth Researcher in Peshawar district of Pakistan. She is native of Afghanistan but was born and has lived in Peshawar, Pakistan since then. Her family moved to Pakistan in 1992. Rozina has received Bachelors in Computer Science from Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar under the German funded DAFI Scholarship and graduated in 2018. Currently, she is working with Jigsaw Consult and is passionate to work for her community. Rozina feels privileged to be working for her community and to raise their voices.