GERE library

A collation of evidence about refugee education, (co-)produced by refugees. 

GERE is part of the wider agenda to ensure refugees have a more central role within refugee education research. This library is intended to be a place to share and promote publications about refugee education where refugees have played a prominent role in the research studies.

The inclusion criteria for publications shared in this library are: 

1. The publication focuses on refugee education;

2. There has been a meaningful participation from refugees in the research process (with ideally at least one refugee as a named author).

We recognise the importance of ongoing dialogue about meaningful participation and authorship within research. Our inclusion criteria are deliberately simple and intended to help us collate relevant knowledge for the sector; they are not a definitive position on what constitutes meaningful participation.

This is a living resource which we will continue to build - and we would love your help. If you have a publication which should be included in this library and meets the inclusion criteria then please submit your research publication:

If you wish to view research outputs published by GERE, please view the GERE research studies page: