Rwanda cohort

A cohort of 16 Burundian and Congolese refugees comprise the GERE Refugee Researcher team in Rwanda. 

Eric Gustave Bizimana
Eric Gustave Bizimana is a Youth Researcher in Mahama Refugee Camp, Kirehe District, Eastern province, Rwanda. Originally from Burundi, he has been a refugee in Rwanda between 2015 and 2021. Bizimana holds a bachelor’s degree with honours in Health sciences, Public Health option from the National Institute of Public Health of Burundi, MBA in Project Management from the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali, Rwanda and MPH in Epidemiology and disease control from Mount Kenya University, Rwanda. Since January 2023, Bizimana has been studying for a doctorate in educational research, Department of Social and Educational Adaptation at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. His research focuses on student mental health issues in higher education.  Currently, he works as a research assistant at the RBC Centre for University Expertise in Mental Health, University of Sherbrooke, a Co-leader of axis 1 in charge of evaluating student mental health and its determinants within the Quebec Observatory on Student Mental Health in Higher Education (OSMEES) and Member of the Advisory Committee of the Centre of Expertise on the Well-Being and Physical Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (CERDA) in Canada.
Aime Parfait Emerusenge
Aime Parfait is a Youth Researcher in Kiziba Refugee Camp situated in Karongi District.  Originally from Burundi, he has been a refugee since 2015. Aime Parfait studied Management  at the Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler University Program and graduated in August 2020. He started to get interested in Education issues when he was in the Institute for Applied Pedagogy at the University of Burundi. Today, Aime Parfait is a Research Assistant at Jigsaw where he supports different research projects. Aime Parfait is interested in refugee education and narratives, education technology and climate change education. He joined the Voices of Refugee Youth study with the hope to develop research skills in order to pursue his career of building evidence in education.
Gentille Gasanabandi
Gentille is a Congolese refugee who has lived in Rwanda since 1997. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Kigali Independent University and believes that someone’s background can never defeat their determination. She works as a youth researcher in Gucumbi district and is passionate about bringing digital solutions to the needs of her community. As a computer scientist, Gentille is determined to keep pace with evolving technology over the globe. Plus, she has a dream to make a good living from a technology  business. In her free time, Gentille reads, jogs, chats with friends and learns new things.
Alexandre Irakoze
Alexandre is a youth researcher in Rwanda, specifically in MAHAMA Refugee camp. Originally from Burundi, Alexandre has been a refugee in Rwanda since 2015. Alexandre studied French-English with Education at INES-RUHENGERI University where he graduated in 2019. Today, Alexandre is working in UMUTANGUHA Finance Company as a voluntary trainer and runs an English club with youth in the camp. A big fan of Chelsea FC, Alexandre also likes playing football with his friends in his leisure time. Alexandre is committed to education for all. He is excited to develop both his research skills and teamwork spirit through this project.
Christophe Irakoze
Christophe Irakoze is a Youth Researcher in Mahama Camp located in Rwanda. He is from Burundi and he has been a refugee since 2015. Christophe studied Computer Engineering at University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (UTB) and graduated in 2020. Currently, he works as a technician in Secureshell Digital Solution. He is  passionate about reading Information Technology news, he likes doing research, learning new skills, and participating in constructive discussions with the youth. Christophe is interested in extending his research skills through “Voices of Refugee Youth project” by collaborating with other Youth Researchers.
Kelly Donnelle Iradukunda
Kelly is a Youth Researcher in Kigali, Rwanda. She was born and raised in Burundi; she has been a refugee in Rwanda since 2016. Kelly studied Logistics and Operations at Southern New Hampshire University and graduated in 2019. Today, Kelly is an accountant and volunteering with an NGO that helps street kids in Rwanda. She is passionate about helping the most vulnerable and playing basketball. Kelly finds it is very exciting to be a Youth Researcher because she gets to meet new people.
Gabriel Karerangabo
Gabriel, a Youth Researcher based in the Kirehe District of Rwanda's Mahama Camp, originally hails from Burundi and has been a refugee in Rwanda since 2015. He earned his bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology in 2019 and went on to pursue a Master of Science in Internet of Things-Wireless Intelligent Sensor Network at the University of Rwanda which he completed in 2022. .In addition to his academic pursuits, Gabriel has undertaken Global Challenges courses that ignited his passion for advocating for youth, both in Mahama Camp and globally. Driven by his love for education, he is committed to training young individuals in entrepreneurship and technology, aiming to instil resilience in their lives. This commitment led him to his current role as a Technology Sales Officer at BIRGER in Rwanda, where he leverages technology to bring about positive change, especially for the youth. Gabriel actively participated in the Voice of Refugee Youth study, seeking to enhance his skills and gather evidence on the challenges faced by Refugee Youth. Through collaboration with fellow youth researchers, he aspires to contribute to lasting change for this demographic.
Gaëlle Kaze
Gaëlle is a Youth Researcher in Huye district of Rwanda. Originally from Burundi, she has been a refugee in Rwanda since 2015. Gaëlle studied Economic Science and Management at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali in the Department of Finance and graduated in 2019. Today Gaëlle is taking some courses online. She is passionate about empowering girls and women and enjoys reading Danielle Steel’s books. With the Voices of Refugee Youth project, Gaëlle hopes that the voices of refugees will be heard everywhere. She is excited to develop research skills through the project and working with other Youth Researchers.
Javan Mugenzi
Javan is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Now, he is living in Kigeme Refugee Camp in Rwanda since 2012. He fled a civil war. He is doing his last academic year of bachelor’s degree from the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Science (PIASS) at Huye.  He is very interested in Peace Building and Peace Education. Therefore, it is paramount for him to be Youth Researcher because he is expecting from his research to educate, inform and advocate for the refugees from around the world on their different matters.
Aimée Mukankusi
Aimée is Congolese by nationality with a refugee status in Rwanda for 24 years. She holds a Bachelor degree in Healthcare Management from Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler program in Rwanda. She is a Youth Researcher in Karongi district of Rwanda. Aimée is interested in advocating for the improvement of refugee education. She has worked as an Administrative Officer at Greenroad Rwanda, and is currently a Research Assistant at Jigsaw. In addition, Aimee is interested in public speaking clubs because she is passionate about improving her public communication. In the future, she would like to run a non-profit organisation to help refugees to access employment.
Emmanuel Ndayikengurukiye
Emmanuel is a Youth Researcher in Mahama Refugee camp, Eastern province of Rwanda. A Burundian refugee, he has bachelor degree issued by University of Burundi in Rural Economy in 2016. Today Emmanuel is a teacher of French in a primary school in the Northern province, district of Burera. Emmanuel is a trainer in Mahama at a club for young pupils to learn Mathematics, English and French in holidays. He is interested in counselling for young refugees in secondary education and enjoys swimming with friends. Emmanuel is excited to improve his research skills through the project and teamwork with other Youth Researchers.
Elvis Nininahazwe
Elvis is a youth researcher working in Rwanda. He is a Burundian refugee living in Rwanda since 2015. Elvis studied clinical psychology at the University of Burundi and fled the country when he was still in the last year of his bachelor degree. In 2017, he got a chance to resume his studies at the University of Kibungo and graduated in 2018. Today, Elvis is a research assistant at the University of Rwanda/College of Medicine and Health Sciences, in the Mental Health and Behavioral (MH&B) Research Group, and he has a professional licence as a clinical psychologist in Rwanda. Elvis is also volunteering with Save the Children Rwanda in the Department of Child Protection, working with unaccompanied and separated children within the Kigali urban refugee community.
Fabrice Nininahazwe
Fabrice is a Youth Researcher in the Rwanda team. He works in the district of Huye, in the south of Rwanda. Indeed, Fabrice is a refugee of Burundian origin and he has been registered as a refugee since 2016. At university, Fabrice studied law. Currently, he works as a parasocial assistant with refugee children. Fabrice is also involved in a youth resilience project designed by Jijuka Club, a youth club engaged in mentoring young people. In the future, Fabrice wants to professionalize himself in the humanitarian field at the international level. In this Voices of Refugee Youth project, Fabrice is enjoying improving his personal research skills.
Steven Nshizirungu
Steven is a youth researcher in Nyamagabe district, southern province of Rwanda. He has been living in Rwanda as a refugee from Democratic Republic of Congo since 2012. Steven studied Healthcare Management at Southern New Hampshire University through the Kepler program in Rwanda. He was among community volunteers who were fighting against the spread of COVID19 pandemic in his community. Steven has solid passion in youth empowerment projects. He also enjoys playing basketball during his recreation. He hopes to gain and develop research skills through the project that will allow him to keep expanding his experience.
Agnes Nsingizimana
Agnes is 25 years old and is a refugee in Rwanda, Gihembe camp. Agnes is from the DRC and she has lived in Rwanda since 1997. Agnes studied at the University of Rwanda Huye campus where she gained her bachelor degree in Accounting in 2019  Now, Agnes is a Youth Researcher and trains young refugees in making handicraft in their free time. Agnes is passionate about discussing wellbeing and how to have a better future with her community. Agnes is motivated to be a voice of refugee youth and is happy to develop her skills through this research so that she can be a good ambassador for her community.
Josiane Ntakarutimana
Josiane is a Youth Researcher in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Originally from Burundi, she has been a refugee in Rwanda since October 6, 2015. Josiane studied Information Systems at Akilah Institute, nowadays called Davis College Rwanda, and graduated in November 2019. Today, She is volunteering in advocating for children in order to ensure that every child is protected against violence and abuse.  She is passionate about technology and she enjoys singing gospel songs. Josiane is delighted to be a part of Voices of Refugee Youth study as it is a very good platform to develop her research skills.